Guitar works now available

A composite image of and iPad and classical guitar, with the Enote app's homescreen displaying guitar repertoire
A composite image of and iPad and classical guitar, with the Enote app's homescreen displaying guitar repertoire

Guitarists – we have some great news for you!

After a lot of work behind the scenes, we’re happy to announce that almost 3,000 classical guitar compositions are now available in your Enote library 🥳

What’s in the release

The repertoire update gives you easy access to music from over 250 classical guitar composers, including J. K. Mertz, Matteo Carcassi, Fernando Sor, Francisco Tárrega and Mauro Giuliani.

Some of the highlights include:

  • J. K. Mertz
    Barden-Klänge, op. 13 and Trois Nocturnes, op. 4
  • Nikolai Alexandrov
    8 Etudes, 5 Mazurkas and over 60 other pieces
  • Mauro Giuliani
    Sonata, op. 15 and Gran Sonata Eroica, op. 150
  • Fernando Sor
    Dozens of works, including the Grande Sonata, op. 22
  • Luigi Legnani
    36 Caprices, op. 20 and Fantasia, op. 19
  • Matteo Carcassi
    25 melodic and progressive Etudes

…and you’ll also find music from:

  • Francisco Tárrega
  • Heinrich Albert
  • Adam Darr
  • Adolph Eggers
  • Enea Gardana
  • Angelo Antonio Caroli
  • Carl Holl
  • Johannes Wept

What about arrangements?

This first set of guitar repertoire is focused on composers who wrote specifically for guitar, rather than guitar arrangements of well-known works.

Rest assured that these arrangements are definitely on our radar and will be added to your library in the future.

Where do I start?

We know that it can be hard to get your bearings with so much music to choose from – but strongly recommend using search filters to find new pieces that match your individual interests.

If you’re still stuck, here is a selection of recordings from our favorite additions to give you some inspiration.

J. K. Mertz’s Barden-Klänge
Federica Canta playing Capriccio, the 3rd work from Mertz’s revered collection.

Legnani’s Fantasia
Judicaël Perroy delivers a stunning concert rendition of Legnani’s Fantasia, op. 19.

Giuliani’s Gran Sonata Eroica
A beautiful concert performance by Ana Vidovic in this 2017 recrording.

Carcassi’s Etude No. 7
Gohar Vardanyan with a flowing rendition of Carcassi’s much-loved seventh work from op. 60.

Still here?

All of these pieces are already in your library!

Just open Enote and add a guitar filter to see the huge list of music that you now have at your fingertips.

No research, score sourcing or uploading required 😇

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